Adult Basic Literacy

We customize our phonics-based reading program to each individual student to help them develop their basic reading and writing skills and to help them achieve individual goals. We specialize in one-on-one tutoring which allows each student to set their own long and short-term goals. As a partnership, the student and tutor work to achieve those goals, along with adding more goals as others are met. Not only do they work together on their goals, but they also work on other life skills such as filling out job applications, understanding school forms, managing a checking account, or obtaining their driver's license. Once they have finished our program, the students will have a firm foundation of literacy skills in which they may pursue further educational goals, such as earning their HiSET (GED) or high school equivalency diploma.

HiSET Tutoring

Working in partnership with WorkForce Essentials, we match a tutor with a student who is working toward earning their HiSET certificate. This can be in conjunction with WFE classes or in a separate setting.


We partner with Workforce Essentials to give each ELL student the best classroom experience and provide one-on-one training as needed. At Workforce, each student is able to participate with other students in a classroom setting. Students are exposed to the English language based on their current level. They may then be paired with a READ tutor to work on their conversational English along with any other English related topics.

To learn more information, please contact Susan at [email protected]