Our Vision

Our vision is to support adult learners in their journey to achieve their literacy, academic, and life goals.


Passion - It is our passion to meet people where they are and to help them achieve their literacy goals.

Appreciation - We will appreciate every opportunity that we have to serve others. 

Respect - No matter their background or beliefs, we will respect all persons who come into our midst. 

Training - We will properly train all our volunteers. 

No Mediocrity - We will strive as an organization to go above and beyond what is expected.  

Empower - We intend to empower individuals to change the course of their journey by giving them the tools needed to achieve their literacy goals. 

Relationships - We will form relationships with each student, with other community organizations, and with the community at large. 

Stewardship - We will be good stewards of all that has been entrusted to us, including students, volunteers, partnerships, resources, and financial assets. 

Hope - We will bring hope to each student. 

Impact - Our goal is to impact future generations and our community through providing literacy services to adults.

Perseverance - We will persevere in our vision, mission, and core values.